Woolwich Fire & Rescue’s deployable speed bumps

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We had a quick chat with the Chief of Woolwich Fire & Rescue about their newly purchased deployable speed bumps. Have you seen anything similar in Australia? Let us know!

What made you purchase them?

It seems no matter what we do people just wouldn’t slow down when we were out on the roadways, I saw a video online of a department that got them through a grant process – so I bought one to try. It blew us away the first call we used it on and I have since purchased another one for our second truck!

Woolwich Fire Rescue - Speed Bump

Woolwich Fire Rescue – Speed Bump

How are they stored?

They roll up and have a carrying case that fits in one of the lockers.

We often post articles about first responders and apparatus being hit while working out on the roadways. We recently purchased these portable speed bumps to place in the area where responders are working and as you can see in the video these new devices slow traffic and will help us make sure everyone goes home. For more information on the speed bumps contact Heather at Astro Optics, heather@astrooptics.com

Posted by Woolwich Fire/Rescue on Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Are they effective?

It is amazing the difference they make. They are very effective! We got them from a company called ‘Astro Optics.’

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Chief. Stay safe!

Woolwich Fire Rescue Speed Bump

Woolwich Fire Rescue Speed Bump

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