Watch RFS Firefighters defend homes in NSW

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If you ever wondered what it looks and sounds like to come face to face with a bushfire while you attempt to save houses – watch these clips sent into us from Orchard Hills RFB. The video we snapped together shows RFS firefighters in their fight to defend homes in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

Faced with intense and erratic winds and high temperatures, thousands of firefighters were deployed across NSW and QLD over the last 48 hours to battle unprecedented levels of fire. This is but one small glimpse of what was being undertaken by crews across the two states.

“We were responded to Railway Parade in Lawson where the fire had run up the gully behind homes. If we didn’t hold the fire here, it was going to cross the Great Western Highway and jump into the unburnt country”.

“Utilising portable pumps from water tanks and our truck supply we successfully protected the houses there and prevented the fire from jumping the highway. Stations at this location were Orchard Hills, Castlereagh, Schofields and Regentville”.

Orchard Hills RFB

Those photos are just amazing and really exemplify what it means to be an Australian firefighter. Up against it in the heat, the wind, the terrain – but you’re hanging tough and getting the job done. Great work.

Meanwhile, this was happening at the other end of the state.

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