Watch FRNSW 514 as they respond through heavy traffic for a police vehicle on fire

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Responding under lights and sirens is always a challenge, either in a rural or urban area. Watch as FRNSW 514 Banora Point carve up traffic along the Pacific Motorway in NSW for a police vehicle involved in fire.

The initial call given to P347 Kingscliff and the NSW RFS was two cars on fire on the Pacific Motorway Chinderah, but soon after Pumper 514 Banora Point was added due to the lack of water and high risk of a grass fire.

Resources in the area were stretched thin due to a large running bushfire and the messages from on scene indicated there was now a grass fire and appliances were rapidly running out of water on a hot and windy day.

“It was decided to utilise the breakdown lane instead of attempting a lane split because the section of highway was too difficult and unsafe to force drivers into moving. There were many large vehicles that had no chance of merging due to bumper-to-bumper traffic.”

514 Banora Point

The fires were a result of a police pursuit and there were no reported injuries – with 3 people apparently arrested on the scene by NSW Police. Both vehicles were totally destroyed by fire, one of which was a police car.

You can see what the crews were faced with on arrival. Thanks to 514 Banora Point and Marg Huxley for the video. Police vehicles involved in fire can be challenging with a whole set of different risks. Check out the post below of firies using riot shields to protect them from some of those risks!

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