Watch firefighters push through firestorm on Kangaroo Island

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Every now and then you come across a video of fire conditions where you just sit and watch in amazement – this is one of those videos. Captured by Kingscote station on Kangaroo Island, the video shows a strike team of 5 tankers moving through a firestorm in an effort to reach civilians that were trapped in houses up ahead.

We spoke with the crew from Kingscote about their efforts, here’s what they had to say.

We started at the west end of ‘the island’ and things changed very quickly due to the weather conditions, we were making our way down the south coast road from flinders chase stopping of the Hanson bay wild life park to try and attack the fire. But it soon became a far bigger beast than anyone could have imagined so the only thing to do was to escape.

During this process, we moved out further along the road and came to a house and carried out asset protection as best we could up until it was unsafe to stay. We pushed along the south coast road until a call came in for persons reported in house being impacted. The fire front came around and swept in from behind us trapping us so we found a suitable place to bunker down for a burn over. After the front passed we tried to slowly move off and made our along the south coast road, this is when we experienced our second mobile burn over.

This is where the video begins. So at this point, they had already been overrun once, stopped to defend properties as best they could and now they were on their way to persons reported trapped in a house.

The video contains a bit of ‘grown-up’ language, but let’s face it – it’s warranted!

We made it out due to the calm and professional way the strike team leaders lead the group of trucks. They were truly amazing and a true credit to everyone involved.

If you listen in the video, you’ll also hear the use of in-cabin air being utilised by the crew.

Great stuff guys, from the giant balls of steel to the cool and calm radio messages from leadership – hats off to you. Kangaroo Island has taken a battering, but it would be far worse if it wasn’t for all the crews who worked on those fires.

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