Watch fierce fire conditions in Braidwood

Firefighters in NSW
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Australia continues to see high levels of fire activity, this time in the southern parts of New South Wales where crews are up against erratic and dangerous fire conditions. Check out this video of the fierce fire conditions faced by firies as they undertook property protection in and around Braidwood.

“Despite the weather conditions, crews defended house by house, remained mobile – bouncing around and going direct attack at every chance possible in the grass – add to this some awesome work by our Plant Manager and two graders. You can see the effect of this on the line scan and maps”.

Firefighter Barwick

“Finally, the major push to bring up a huge amount of trucks at the right place and the right time to attack the head fire as it ran directly to Braidwood. The run east, directly towards Braidwood was pulled up 4.5km short of it. It really was a sight I shall never forget”.

Thanks for the great footage, Dan.
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