It’s not a widely used or adopted roll in Australia – but maybe it should be? The cleveland roll offers many benefits, including deploying in confined spaces or in bushland, rapid deployment, less tangles and easy stowage.

The Secret Firefighter (Australian) has a look at the roll and tries to mangle it, using 2 joined hose┬álays being put under a big hit of high pressure – see what happens.


Let's step away from urban firefighting for a minute, you would have all used the Cleveland roll at a structure fire or high rise incident but have you thought about deploying your 25mm bush hose in this manner? Say goodbye to tangled hose in the bush, the 25mm Cleveland roll can be deployed with multiple lengths either charged or empty in less time than rolled hose. Check it out and try for yourself.

Posted by The Secret Firefighter on Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Trying to beat the double dump Cleveland roll with a big hit of pressure. Such an efficient method of stretching hose, twin Cleveland roll's dropped on the front lawn will make your job easier when pulling through a structure.

Posted by The Secret Firefighter on Sunday, 12 March 2017



Here’s how to roll and pack it.

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