Videos: “Out of the box” CABA drills

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If you’re looking for some out of the box (see what we did there?!) training ideas, have a go at these videos from Marshall Volunteer Department and Prospect Volunteer Fire Department.

Tonight’s drill consisted of utilizing the new department training props. These training props help us with learning air conservation as well as getting ourselves out of situations in which we may find ourselves in trouble.


At drill on Thursday June 15th, the members of PFD practiced advancing a hoseline through an obstacle course while constantly flowing water. Here is a video of some of our firefighters negotiating the obstacle. A special thanks to Lt. Jeff Goletz for facilitating the prop and running the drill.


Well done to those stations for knocking up something unique to train on. Sure beats the old chux wipe over the visor! But, when all else fails, why not just set a whole bunch of stuff on fire and run through it instead! (Not recommended)


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