Video: Truck nearly runs over police at fire in QLD

Police nearly run-over in QLD
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The following video comes to you thanks to the Queensland Police Service which shows officers who were on patrol when they noticed a large fire and responded to it.

On arrival they found a grass fire burning adjacent to a highway with smoke billowing across the road. Within moments an MVA occurred involving a minivan and a truck.

The minivan towing a trailer ran up the back of a truck, then came to a stop in the long grass in the path of the fire. Police assisted the driver and his dog out of the vehicle as the fire approached.

Vision from the body-cam worn by one of the officers then captures a terrifying scene as a semi-trailer bursts through the smoke, with zero consideration as to what was on the other side of it. 

Like something from a movie, the semi bursts through the smoke nearly wiping out the police officers on scene

Wow. Lucky there was not emergency service workers on that road, or other vehicles, or people trapped, or any number of other things that would have been hit by the truck. 

Info and clip courtesy of Queensland Police Media

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