Video: Teen arrested after responding around Melbourne!

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Well, this is bizarre. A 16 year old has been arrested in Melbourne after responding around in his own private vehicle – having decked it out with a full lights and sirens package! He had been spotted a number of times over the past few weeks responding through traffic and was reported to police after people became suspicious of the fully unmarked white appliance carving up traffic under red and blues. Not to mention the 16yr old driver behind the wheel wearing a high vis vest….

He has since been arrested and the vehicle seized.

Fake emergency truck terrorises Melbourne streets

BREAKING: A teenager has been arrested for terrorising Melbourne streets in a fake emergency truck.More in 7 News at 6.00pm | Police statementHeavy Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit (HV CIU) detectives have arrested a 16-year-old boy in Brighton this afternoon. The arrest follows HV CIU detectives making enquiries into online footage that depicts a white truck travelling with what appears to be emergency lights flashing, through traffic. The investigation is ongoing and the Brighton teen is assisting police with their enquiries. The truck has been seized by police.#7News

Posted by 7NEWS Melbourne on Monday, 16 October 2017

… wow

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