The countdown is on for the Sydney Firies Climb for MND 2018 and stations are really starting to step it up, no pun intended, when it comes to advertising their teams. 

“Team Zulu” from NSW have really gone the extra mile, putting together a Mamma Mia parody video in an effort to shake the can for not only their team, but to help raise awareness for this killer disease.

We spoke with Team Zulu about their video, here’s what they had to say.

Team Zulu are a bunch of firefighters from the Wollongong area who all have family or friends who have been affected by MND. We are a passionate bunch who have had great success raising money from our family and friends via social media and various fundraising events over the past few years. We felt that since we have been so well supported by these people, that we should give a little bit back!

People seem to enjoy our light-hearted approach and are super supportive.

Sarah and Vanessa quite enjoy changing song lyrics, and this year we have the wonderful Lo Roberts, a local musician, donating her time and skills to do the music and vocals for us. Last year team Zulu raised a record breaking over $37000 for the Firefighters Climb!

You can donate to Team Zulu, even if it’s purely for making that video, right here.

Good on you for going that extra mile for the worthy cause, well done! Love the effort, the bloopers at the end and even just the fact you did something out of the box in the name of helping find a cure for MND.

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