Video: Tassie firies use Cleveland Roll for bush fire

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Last year we posted about the benefits of the “Cleveland Roll” or “Cleveland Lay”, particularly when used for structure fires or fires in confined spaces. The roll is also immensely useful for bush fires where you are unable to roll out hose due to the thickness of the scrub or the terrain you’re working in.

The Secret Firefighter sent in this video of the roll being used at a bush fire in Tasmania.

The fire was deliberately lit behind the suburb of Mowbray in Northern Tasmania, fire crews from Launceston and Rocherlea responded with three light tankers, one medium tanker and one heavy tanker.

Rolled 25mm hose in the bush should be a thing of the past after using the 25mm Cleveland roll.

Posted by The Secret Firefighter on Sunday, 7 January 2018


Cleveland Roll at work in the bush

Cleveland Roll at work in the bush

The video below demonstrates what looks like before it’s charged, you can see just how easy that would be to drop it in the bush, add it into a line and deploy.

Let's step away from urban firefighting for a minute, you would have all used the Cleveland roll at a structure fire or high rise incident but have you thought about deploying your 25mm bush hose in this manner? Say goodbye to tangled hose in the bush, the 25mm Cleveland roll can be deployed with multiple lengths either charged or empty in less time than rolled hose. Check it out and try for yourself.

Posted by The Secret Firefighter on Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Have you used the Cleveland Lay for a bush or grass fire before? Let us know in the comments below!


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