So, there’s always impatient people who just *have* to be somewhere and are greatly inconvenienced by things fires and motor vehicle accidents. Here’s a great example!

Terrey Hills Rural Fire Brigade in Sydney were in attendance at a truck rollover, had hose-lines deployed for fire protection whilst ambulance crews loaded patients into the back of their ambulance when this happened.

Following on from yesterday’s post about traffic. This is a prime example of not only the hazard we are exposed to but also how impatient people can be.West bound of Mona Vale Road is closed to traffic. Truck is on its side, hoses out, we are there for fire protection and Ambos are loading patients into the vehicles. The road is closed not to annoy road users but to provide a safe environment in an emergency situation.Some people will voice their frustrations as they go past, which we will take like water off a ducks back, but the attitude of THIS particular road user is truly appalling. Unfortunately a license plate can not be seen, as it is on the rear, and as you can see not much reaction by the emergency service personnel because we were truly shocked. Whilst we applaud the biker for seemingly obeying the 40km road rule passing emergency services vehicles, ignoring police instructions, clear road closures and coming through an active scene is a big NO! what the dashcam did not pick up was him almost hitting two fire fighters on the other side of the truck. There was danger to us and himself.

Posted by NSW RFS – Terrey Hills Brigade on Friday, 23 November 2018

Wow. 10 points for managing to keep it upright whilst riding over wet pressurised hoses – but come on. The rider apparently went around a police road block, around the truck on it’s side, past the fire crews and over their hoses. 

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