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This looks amazing! The “Survival Firefighter Challenge” was recently held in Portugal and it looks like a grueling and very challenging event. We spoke with the organisers to find out a bit more information.

The competition is open to any team from any country. This year we had two challenges – an individual challenge and a team challenge.
For the individual challenge, it’s a tower run. The fastest to the top wins. The prize was a free skydiving jump!

For the team event, it was a SCBA circuit with 10 obstacles, including a victim to be saved. Once the circuit was complete, teams had a 5 minute rest then had to run the tower course with the 60kg victim!

We’re looking at having a 2 person course next year as well as a RIT rescue circuit. We’re also looking to have an Australian team next year!

Hats off to those firies who competed – that looks like some serious hard work. Where do we sign up?!

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