Video: Helicopters assist crews with aircraft hanger fire in NZ

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A fire has destroyed a large fish factory and aircraft hanger in Haast, New Zealand. Helicopters with monsoon buckets were called in to assist the local fire station with the fire, which involved putting out other helicopters. The building housed aircraft, fishing machinery and bulk chemical storage which presented multiple issues for the arriving crews.

The building owners praised the efforts of firefighters after they protected bulk chemical and fuel storage tanks from being impacted by fire.

BREAKING NEWS:Live footage from Neils Beach where a major fire today destroyed an aircraft hanger, A hughes 500E, Fish processing factory. The propery is owned by Barn Bay Fishing, The areas largest employer. The owner Geoff Robinson is currently sailing his boat in the islands.#newshub #tvnz #primenews

Posted by The Coasters Club on Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Photos and video from Pilot Alex Turnbull.

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