Video: Great TIC footage from offensive attack in NSW

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77 St Marys fire station from Fire &/+ Rescue NSW have released this fantastic video of an internal offensive attack at a house fire – shown through the eyes of a thermal imaging camera.

The video shows the attack crew moving through the house and using different hose techniques to suppress the fire.

This footage was taken from the St Marys crew performing fire attack operations at a house fire in Rooty Hill on Sunday night.The TIC (Thermal Imaging Camera) is a very effective tool for firefighters. Highlighted here is the intensity of the fire in the kitchen area. Note the temperature on the bottom right of the screen.Crews from St Marys attended with Mount Druitt Fire Station, Huntingwood Fire Station and Fire Rescue NSW Metro West 1. The house was extensively damaged by fire, fortunately there were no injuries and all persons were accounted for.

Posted by Fire and Rescue NSW Station 077 St Marys on Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Great job and great footage – stay safe!

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