Video: Great bodycam footage of firefighting efforts in Tabulam NSW

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The far northeast corner of NSW has certainly seen some action lately with large running bushfires around the Tabulam area. Local crews assisted by strike teams from both NSW and QLD have been working the fires for days.

FRNSW Station 514 Banora Point got in touch with us to share their bodycam footage and a bit about their strike team, check it out!

“We were assigned to strike team Juliet to assist with the bushfire at Tabulam and tasked to property protection on Leslie Creek Rd, Drake. The fire was getting closer and we had all hands on deck ready for it to impact our location when we were suddenly supported by multiple aircraft who dropped around 15 loads of retardant and water alongside us”.

Banora Point Fire Rescue Station

“The fire slowed and appeared to almost be out. The sun was starting to go down, and then before we knew it the conditions worsened and the fire picked right up and took another run towards us. Everyone did a tremendous job with protecting the house and also stopping the fire from jumping the road. It was a combined effort of FRNSW and the RFS. We’d just about run out of water by the time most of it was knocked over but QRFS arrived and relieved us”.

Banora Point Fire Rescue Station
Firefighters save house – Tabulam Bushfire 16-2-2019

This body cam footage shows firefighters working hard to save a house from the large bushfire impeding on Leslie Creek Road, Drake, NSW on Saturday 16th of February, 2019.At the start of the video you can see the residential property still untouched, with the bushfire working its way towards Leslie Creek Road. Despite best efforts of aerial firefighting, the fire still managed to make it's way to the vicinity of Leslie Creek Road as winds increased.Towards the end of the video, you can see #FRNSW & #NSWRFS firefighters working desparetely to stop the fire from jumping the road. You may notice firefighters aiming their hoselines up towards the sky, instead of onto the fire. This was to combat the ember attack that could've potentially started a bushfire on the opposite side of the road. Firefighters managed to control the fire and save the house that was being protected.Our firefighters were eventually relieved by #QRFS volunteers, whom came at the right time as our resources were being exhausted from increased fire activity.Fire and Rescue NSWNSW Rural Fire ServiceQueensland Fire and Emergency Services – QFESBody cam footage of RFF. Jamie Bowe. Footage is owned by FRNSW and is free for media use.

Posted by Fire and Rescue NSW Station 514 Banora Point on Saturday, 16 February 2019

Thanks to the crew of 514 Banora Point for the footage and to all the firies working their arses off in the heat up there. Stay safe!

Here’s a bonus LAT run for you!

Bringing out the big gun! The volunteer firefighters, the community, the Tenterfield council, and all the FRNSW firefighters here today are brilliant. This is what it’s all about, helping each other and keeping everyone safe. Fire and Rescue NSWNSW Rural Fire Service#FRNSW #NSWRFS #TabulamFire

Posted by Fire and Rescue NSW Station 514 Banora Point on Friday, 15 February 2019

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