A while back we posted a video of a couple of American firefighters who showed off a handy hose dragging trick when using charged 65/70mm hoseline. They were using a rescue sling, which can be substituted for a standard pocket rope line, sling or strap, which enabled the firefighters to easily secure a charged line of hose and sling it over their shoulder.

Once over the shoulder, the heavy line could be advanced with ease by one firefighter allowing them a greater range of movement and taking the load off their hands and arms.


The crew at 073 Yennora gave it a try with a rope pocket line and these are the results!

As you can see, the hose can easily be advanced with little effort. In this instance, a single loop pocket line was used by feeding the rope around the hoseline and back through the loop, then tying a clove hitch further down to secure it.

If you’ve tried this at your station, give us a shout!

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