Firefighters demonstrate handy 70mm hose assist technique

FRNSW 073 - Hose Trick
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A while back we posted a video of a couple of American firefighters who showed off a handy hose dragging trick when using charged 65/70mm hoseline. They were using a rescue sling, which can be substituted for a standard pocket rope line, sling or strap, which enabled the firefighters to easily secure a charged line of hose and sling it over their shoulder.

Once over the shoulder, the heavy line could be advanced with ease by one firefighter allowing them a greater range of movement and taking the load off their hands and arms. The purpose behind this was allow a single firefighter to more easily advance a charged line of 70mm hose. With the sling over one shoulder, the firefighter could take the weight of the hose, advance their position and easily manoeuvre the heavy line.

This is for those scenarios where a single firefighter needs to advance a line, or, if the incident is protracted, they could potentially stand there using the sling to take the weight of the hose as they attack the fire.

In the event of something happening, the sling can be easily dropped off the shoulder and the weight be taken back up by the arms.

The crew at FRNSW 073 Yennora gave it a try with a rope pocket line and these are the results!

As you can see, the hose can easily be advanced with little effort. In this instance, a single loop pocket line was used by feeding the rope around the hoseline and back through the loop, then tying a clove hitch further down to secure it.

NOTE: Do not use the sling by putting it over your head so it sits on one side of your neck. Always keep the sling on the shoulder next to the hoseline.

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