Flashover’s 8th alarm fire mashup!

Kings Park - 041 Smithfield
Kings Park - 041 Smithfield
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We threw together a bunch of the footage from an 8th alarm fire in Sydney – enjoy!

8th Alarm – Sydney. Flashover Mashup

Footage from multiple stations and photographers of an 8th alarm scrap metal fire in Sydney – mashed up by Flashover! You can see more at http://www.flashover.com.au/8th-alarm-structure-fire-sydney/

Posted by Flashover – Australian Firefighting on Tuesday, 2 May 2017

You can see the full post of all the photos and videos below.

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I founded Flashover to promote Australian Firefighting. I've been a volunteer and a paid firefighter but now I spend my time chasing up leads, promoting good mental health and making the occasional Grumpy Firecom comic!

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