Video: Firies rescue and resuscitate kitten from downpipe; gets named Drano by new owner

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Friday the 10th of May, firefighters from Wee Waa station were responded to an animal rescue – kitten stuck in a downpipe – drowning. On arrival, they found a kitten semi-submerged in a stormwater pipe, under a concrete footpath out the front of a shopping centre.

The kitten wasn’t physically stuck, but it couldn’t get out the way it came in, and it was slowly drowning in the water. There was no way to bring the kitten back up the way it had gone in.

“We knew that we didn’t have time to be able to pull up the pavers from the footpath and find the pipe, so we used the water it was in to help flush it out the other end. Only a couple of litres was needed to be able to get the water already in the pipe to flow. We had worked out which pipe we needed and the moment it came out, we knew it had stopped breathing.

As soon as we were back at the pump we wrapped it in a jacket and started to perform CPR on it until the crew got oxygen therapy set up.”

Wee Waa Fire Rescue Station

Once it had started breathing, the kitten was wrapped in a jacket and rushed to the local vet by the firies where it was given the all-clear. They later found out that it had been adopted by a local resident who has aptly named him, “DranO”.

The vet determined the kitten was only a matter of weeks old and had likely crawled up the pipe and was unable to back out.

Drano looking happy to be alive

Big thanks to the guys at Wee Waa Fire Rescue Station for the info, a job well done.

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