Video: Firies find huntsman in appliance at fire!

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This is possibly the most Australian thing you’ll see all day. A composite crew of firefighters were working on the North Stradbroke Island bushfire in Queensland when they happened to be filming their arrival and noticed something move above the driver.

This video is going to put a screaming halt to any overseas firefighters that may be thinking of moving here! 😀 

“We were a contingency made up of South Australian firies providing assistance to QFRS. 5 of us were in the appliance… 2 x CFS, 1 x National Parks firie, and 2 x SA Metropolitan Firies!”

The spider can be seeing running along the roof above the driver as the crew spots it. “Oh Shit!”

“The driver threw it out the window all casual. Meanwhile the rest of us are jumping out into the fire!”

When driving through a bushfire and you think it can’t get any worse… this happens! If Carlsberg made Australian tourism video’s….!! 😬😬

Posted by Anthony Kerwick on Saturday, 1 December 2018

Thanks to Anthony Kerwick for the info and photos and a big thanks to all the firies, both from QLD and interstate that are slogging it out up there in the heat. Stay safe.

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