Video: Firefighters seek shelter from explosive fire activity

Firefighters in NSW
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This is hands down some of the most dangerous fire activity you’ll see. Firefighters from Fire & Rescue NSW were staged for property protection when the fire front arrived – the video below is jaw-dropping.

Disclaimer: There’s some pretty accurate language in parts.

Play it back and just listen to the sound as it roars out towards them.

The appliances in attendance were Tanker 90, Tanker 489, Light Tanker 421 and Tanker 88 who were all working property protection around Orangeville when conditions took a turn for the worse.

“We were setting up to protect sheds and caravans and had been watching the fire, which was about 40 metres into the bush at this point. As we were positioning our appliances the fire just exploded out of the bush towards us.”

No firefighters were injured.

Thanks to the guys over at 79 Station for the photos and info.

Stay safe, all.

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