Video: Fire behavior with The Secret Firefighter

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 The Secret Firefighter is back to talk fire behavior!

This is a great video to test your knowledge of fire behaviour, I will attempt to break down and give my opinion on what the three extreme fire behaviours are in the video above.


0 seconds – 44 seconds

Fire gases leaking from the fire compartment are ignited producing a lazy flame this would indicate that these gases are either too lean or too rich, my opinion would be too lean giving the direction of flame travel towards the fuel not the air, note the second attempt at ignition at 30 seconds was unsuccessful until closer to the fire compartment.

The door to the compartment is then opened and a massive deflagration takes place, so I would say the fire gases within the compartment are at a near ideal mixture and only required an ignition source. Therefor I would call this extreme fire behaviour a fire gas ignition.

44 seconds – 113 seconds

The door to the fire compartment is opened and there is an over pressure with no visible flame activity, an air track is visible in the lower section of the doorway and an ignition takes place.

As there is an overpressure and little flame activity I would call this extreme fire behaviour a backdraught.

113 seconds – 152 seconds

It appears they are attempting the same extreme fire behaviour as before (backdraught) but this time the ignition is made by a stream of water being applied into the fire compartment which stirs up an ember that is the ignition source for the backdraught.



Video : Mathias Figuet

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