Video: Child rescued from top of live power pole

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Crews from multiple agencies responded to reports of a child stuck on top of a power-pole in Sydney and arrived to find exactly that. How he got there is nothing short of staggering.

The young boy had snuck onto the roof of his school, then shimmied along the power lines from the roof to a pole, then along another 40m cable to end up on top of the post!

When crews arrived, he was found sitting on the cross arm, having somehow not been earthed or electrocuted or fallen in the process. Prior to crews arriving, staff from the school had run out with pillows and cushions and placed them around the base of the pole in case he fell. 

Pillows were placed around the pole by staff and onlookers

Firies from 046 Sutherland arrived with the Aerial Platform from 045 Miranda on the way, they requested the assistance of the Ladder Platform from 021 Kogarah so a carer from the school could be taken up to help communicate with the boy. This was of great assistance to the crews as the carer was able to keep the boy focused and calm, preventing him from moving around.

Power was cut and with the assistance of the carer, the boy was rescued from the pole by firies and taken down to the eager arms of his parents and ambulance crews. He is reported to be in good health and has promised “no more climbing!”

Watch the moment crews rescue the boy from the powerpole
This photo was sent in by the boys parents and used with their permission. He is said to be doing well and promised “no more climbing!”

A massive tip of the helmet to all crews and staff who attended this. That is a highly stressful rescue with a lot of big variables. Great job.

Thanks to 046 for the photos and information!

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