Video: Awesome drone footage of Marina Fire in the US

Marina Fire - Brian Muscatell
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5 boats were destroyed by fire in the city of Everett as one was preparing to dock and caught fire. One person was reported to have minor injuries and it is said that several people needed to dive into the water to escape the fire.

Brian Muscatell was there with his drone and managed to grab some fantastic footage of the fire, along with the fire department arriving and attacking.

What kind of hardware did you use to capture this?

Polly” is a Parrot BeBop 2. I was using their Skycontroller 2 with my Galaxy S7.

How did you end up being there to capture all incident?

Boat Fire - Brian Muscatell

Boat Fire – Brian Muscatell

The city of Everett hosts “Music at the Marina” on Saturdays, bringing in touring bands. My wife and I were sitting on the grass having a picnic. It was a windy day and there were several kite surfers out, so I had brought Polly along with the plan to go chase them down for footage. Really was a beautiful evening, but there was a steady wind of 10+ mph.

Since we were going to walk to the kite surfers, I had my Parrot backpack with me, batteries all charged and ready to go. We were told that there was an explosion, but with the music, we didn’t hear that. But the smoke became quickly visible.

I grabbed the Polly backpack, kissed the wife and was off like a flash. While I was hightailing it down there, the first of the firetrucks arrived.

Boat Fire - Brian Muscatell

Boat Fire – Brian Muscatell

There was a bench at the dock entrance the fire was on, so I quickly set up for flying and got Polly in the air. It was obvious when I first got out there that the footage had some epic potential. You can see from the footage that I beat the First Responders out there by a couple of minutes. That is some burning fire footage there!

As soon as I noticed that the Firefighters had arrived and putting water on, I pulled back and was concentrating on not flying over anyone, being reckless or endanger anyone on the ground.


There were no serious injuries reported from the incident. At one point you can see the firies jump into one of the vessels and push it off to the other side to avoid it catching fire. Great footage, Brian!


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