The firies climb for Motor Neuron Disease is fast approaching and we’re asking for your help and support.  

On October 20th, firefighters from all over Australia will climb the 98 storeys, or 1504 stairs of Sydney Tower Eye wearing full structural Firefighting ensemble and air sets with a combined weight of over 20Kg. At a vertical rise of 820 feet, the climb to the observation deck is a grueling challenge. Each floor of the stairwell is dedicated patients of MND both past and present. It’s a harrowing journey supporting those living with the horrific disease.


Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a progressive, terminal neurological disease. There is no known treatment or cure. Each day, in Australia, two or more people die from MND and more than two people are diagnosed with MND.

Help us put a stop to this bastard of a disease by taking on the #1504forMND Challenge!Use the template below:———————————————I just did #1504forMND! Motor neurone disease kills 2 Aussies a day, and subjects 2 more to a diagnosis. The disease kills 50% of patients in the first 18 months. There is no cure. This year’s Firies Climb for MND takes place on Saturday, 20 October 2018, where firefighters will climb the 1,504 stairs of Sydney Tower Eye in full firefighting gear to raise vital funds for research for a cure. So, I challenge [TAG 3 FRIENDS] to do #1504forMND. Whether that’s 1,504 stairs, 15.04km run, or 1.504 km swim, share your #1504forMND to help raise awareness for MND.When completed, post to social media using this as a template. If you'd rather not climb the stairs, just donate $15.04 to Firies Climb for MND using the following link [insert your donation link here] Together we can stop this insidious disease!-Fire and Rescue NSW NSW Rural Fire Service Macquarie University

Posted by Firefighters Climb for Motor Neurone Disease on Sunday, 9 September 2018

We’re asking that if you aren’t climbing the tower, you pick an activity and perform 1504 repetitions. It can be 1504 stairs, skips, a ride of 150.4 km, 1504 punches, 1504 kicks, 1504 of something! Take a photo, hashtag #1504forMND and show the country you’re all in. 

If you’re not up for 1504 repetitions of something, support the cause by ways of a $15.04 donation. Click the button below and support this very worthy cause.

All donations go to Macquarie University which houses Australia’s largest MND research facility. Currently Macquarie University employs 40 researchers and 12 clinicians involved in the research effort to end MND.

For more information you can check out the firies climb for MND facebook page below, or their website is right here. A big tip of the helmet to the crew behind organising this along with everyone involved in the climb! 

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