Eynsham Fire Station

UK’s Eynsham Fire Station create fantastic tribute to the fallen

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We saw this video and just had to reach out to Eynsham station to find out a bit more about it. They have created a great video in memory of the fallen, utilising lengths of dark red hose to represent the poppy flower – a flower which is now recognised as a symbol of remembrance for soldiers who have died during war time.

Tell us a bit about your station!

We are an on call station from Eynsham, a village just outside of Oxford. We are one of Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue’s 24 Stations. We have 1 fire appliance and the Brigades Incident Support Unit. We have approximately 250 calls a year.

Eynsham Fire Station

Is this the first video you’ve done like this?

We have done several videos in the past at our station. Our first one was last year, our Mannequin video to highlight dangers of using a mobile while driving, that has had over 14 million views. We also have a ‘360’ car entrapment video. We thought of this ‘concept’ of using hose etc. a few weeks ago after taking some normal photos out of our drill tower. We did a ‘test your smoke alarm video’ and a thank you video as well.


How long did this take to complete?

This poppy one was filmed last Sunday morning. We set up the poppy, then filmed it in one take. All done and dusted in under an hour. Including making the poppy. We always take part in our villages remembrance ceremony but this year we wanted to do something special and unique.

You can watch the video below.


Great work and a very worthwhile cause. Stay safe!