Training: FRNSW 399 drill with the “BA trailer”

399 Narrabri BA Trailer 2018
399 Narrabri BA Trailer 2018
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Fire &/+ Rescue operates what is known as the BA Trailer, a specialised operational appliance which makes its way around the state giving firefighters a chance to train in heavy smoke whilst inside a makeshift house/building/structure. We spoke with 399 Narrabri about their recent drill night in the trailer and what the crew took away from it.

What was the drill about?

Refresher in operating open circuit breathing apparatus and conducting offensive firefighting operations utilising search and rescue, door entry and hose handling techniques.

What exactly does the BA trailer provide?

“BAS-1” is one of 2 specialised, purpose built mobile training semi trailers that service the state of NSW ensuring that all Firefighters from FRNSW are kept up to date with vital operational training.

These semi trailers which are operational FRNSW appliances, so they have the ability to supply and refill BA cylinders at large incidents as well as supply additional breathing apparatus, chemical splash suits, fully encapsulated suits and other hazardous material equipment which are all stowed on-board to be deployed at a moments notice.

What exercises did you run?

The training was run as a operational incident. Crews led by an IC who “turned off” power to the building, gave regular sitreps to “comms” and ensured fireground radio procedures and incident management training was utilised correctly. Fire crews were tasked for fire attack, search and rescue, recovering casualties, ventilation and atmospheric monitoring to ensure that an all clear is able to be given.

How did crews react to the training. What were the outcomes?

All crews thoroughly enjoyed the training and mutually agreed that it is vital at ensuring skills are able to be kept up to date whilst working in a safe but realistic environment.
Training such as this allows firefighters to enhance skills not just in firefighting operations but incident management, TIC operation as well as things like atmospheric monitoring and incident ground “tactical” radio operations.

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