The machine keeping the FRNSW academy clean

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We’ve got the scoop, excuse the pun, on a recent addition to the Fire & Rescue training academy. It doesn’t have a callsign or entry in the FRNSW CAD system, but as the academy told us – it’s “prepared for anything”.

Despite the 20,000 square meters standing area academy still being under construction, firefighters are still able to undertake training on-site. What they were finding was hoses were frequently getting damaged due to broken glass and debris being leftover from training or being pushed in from surrounding building sites.

FRNSW Street Sweeper

The academy itself has more than 1km of internal roadway and trying to keep all that manually clean was proving to be difficult. Enter, the street sweeper.

After performing due diligence, we selected the successful product – an RCM Mille diesel-powered sweeper with a theoretical capability of 19,900 square metres an hour.

  • Front-wheel steering
  • Main and side brush
  • Rear high-lift hopper machine
FRNSW Street Sweeper

“After arranging the lease, FRNSW asked for information about the product that would help us plan how we were going to affix some striping and some branding. The supplier obliged and also offered to replace the standard yellow safety light with a commercial emergency vehicle light bar (free of charge!).”

Fire & Rescue Acedemy

The sweeper has been in use for weeks now and the academy has reportedly seen a drop in the hose repair bills. Whilst the machine is based at the academy and doesn’t have a callsign, it can be picked up and transported anywhere should it be required.

Imagine calling that one in over the radio! You can check out the specs sheet here from the manufacturer. Thanks to the guys over at the FRNSW Academy for the info!

In the background of the photo above, you can see TAF20. We’ve got a bunch of great videos of that thing in action from a sire in 2017 – see below!

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