The FRNSW BA training trailer

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We spoke with the team that runs the BA training trailer for FRNSW. Take a look at what these two trucks are capable of!


Crews entering the trailer

Flashover: Where is the trailer located, who looks after it and what is its purpose?

We have 2 Semi Trailers BAS1 and BAS2 both located at BA/Hazmat Training at Alexandria State Training College. Looked after and run by 7 BA/Hazmat instructors from BAHTC. Purpose is to provide scenario based refresher training to regional fire stations throughout NSW in the areas of BA, Hazmat, Gas Detection, thermal imaging and confined Spaces. It also has a response capability carrying FE suits, splash suits, decontamination equipment, 24 scba, 48 cylinders and air cylinder filling capabilities.

Flashover: Where does the trailer travel to? What’s the furthest its been?

It has visited as far north (tweed heads), south (Albury – Moama) and West to Broken Hill. And everywhere in between!

A thermal camera in use


Flashover: What are the main components of the interior and how does it help crews that are training in it?

The interior has a number of compartments or rooms that can be changed around as required. These rooms have different furnishings and can be laid out in a number of different ways (residential/commercial/bedroom/bathroom/kitchen etc) and has the ability to have different heat sources and smoke filled areas. It also has a prop electrical switchboard and a ladder raising prop.

The best thing about it is that it is driven to the station and drill conducted on site, thus minimizing travel time for crews to get the most out of the training. It is run like a call so incorporates everything from initial Comms, appliance position, pump operations, size up all the way through to restow of appliance on conclusion of drill.

A make shift bedroom inside the trailer

Flashover: Do crews need to take any equipment with them when entering?
Crews enter with a charged line of hose, thermal imaging camera, BA, forcible entry tools in full structural FF ensemble. On completion ventilation is carried out and atmospheric monitoring conducted to give an all clear.

Flashover: Can the layout be changed? Has it been anything different in the past?
See above. Also been used for hazmat drills and different surprise scenarios.

Flashover: How can FRNSW crews ask to use the trailer?
Appropriate method is to request the resource through the local zone management following the appropriate chain of command (captain/SO, Duty Commander etc).

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