The E1 Scania – Is this the future of Australia’s pumpers?

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Spotted at AFAC 2019 in Melbourne, the new customisable prototype E1 Scania is set to impress.

The Scania, built from the BS EN 1846 model, boasts some impressive technology and features. We caught up with the crew that brought this machine over to Australia and picked their brain about specs and features.

The E1 Scania prototype pumper isn’t in the country yet and this is the only one of its kind down here. If it wasn’t an impressive enough looking appliance on face value, here’s what this unit had installed on the day.

  • 2100lt water capacity.
  • 2+4 person cab.
  • 4,550mm wheelbase.
  • Front and rear air suspension.
  • Power take-off, high torque, soft start.
  • Full appliance data logging.
  • Dual-class foam proportioning system, 100L per tank
  • Roof-mounted monitor rated at 475-1330 litres per minute
  • 2x 32m lowline 22mm hose reels mounted in rear lockers
  • ePumpControl pump gauge control system
  • Fully integrated electronic system for relaying telemetry information back to a location. You can see the dome on the offside roof above the passenger door.
  • Offside gantry for 9m triple extension ladder
  • Central beam to accommodate 13.5m triple ladder


When asked about the remote telemetry, they told us that the appliance can report just about everything back to a location. This included maintenance and servicing information – fleet can monitor and book services based on performance.

It also gave pump operators the ability to use and interact with the pump from a Toughbook or tablet.


Did you get a chance to have a look over this beast of an appliance at AFAC? Get in touch, we’d love to know your thoughts.

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