The Dolphin – Water powered jetpack for firefighting

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No, this isn’t something from back to the future part 2 – this is the real deal. The Dubai Civil Defence just launched a firefighting system they are calling ‘The Dolphin’.

From what we can gather, it’s a jet ski that they launch for fires in difficult to access locations, like bridges and piers, where a firefighter wearing PPE jumps off the jet ski and into the water, couples up his jet-pack and … well, hovers up to the fire and extinguishes it.

“A jetski equipped with a water jetpack and fire hose, will grant the firefighters easy access to fires on boats and in shoreline buildings. It will also shorten response time during heavy traffic.”

More information can be [found here]. Video below.

This will go nicely with the Corvette Stingray they also have for rapid response!

Dubai’s rapid response Corvette Stingray

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