‘The Ambassador’ – 22,000 Litres Per Minute!

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‘The ambassador’ – When you absolutely positively have to use every water drop in the main, accept no substitutes. We came across these photos and decided to look into what exactly was responsible for laying down that much water.

Turns out, [it’s this thing].

The “Ambassador 2X6 Gun Trailer” monitor/nozzle combination is capable of large volume discharge to elevations never before attained by conventional equipment to provide fire suppression, cooling, personnel protection, toxic gas dispersion and more. Discharge flow rates from 2000-6000 USGPM (7571-22700 LPM) can be water only, Hydro-Foam or Hydro-Chem for extinguishing liquids and gases under pressure.

If anyone has a source for the photos, we’d love to share it and get in touch with them.

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