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Falls Creek CFA’s Bombardier Go-Tract 500

This is primarily a structural firefighting appliance with 4x CABA sets (including extra cylinders) all the hoses (38mm & 64mm Duraline hose), variable flow fog nozzles, the usual entry tools, and salvage equipment including a positive pressure ventilation fan. It also has a Elkhart model 8297 monitor on top for great asset protection when needed.

Narre Warren CFA Appliance

Photos: Brand new appliance for Narre Warren CFA Brigade

With a station that houses over 50 operational firefighters and attends over 800 calls a year, Narre Warren from the CFA has just welcomed a brand new appliance. Replacing their old type 3 medium pumper which has served in the station for over 13 years, this new pumper is sure to get a workout. Check out these fantastic photos of their new pride and joy!

Kyneton CFA Smoke Drill

Photos: Smoke and fire in multi station CFA drill

With the use of multiple smoke machines, a disused hardware store and a LPG fire prop – this drill involved Kyneton Fire Brigade, Carlsruhe Fire Brigade CFA & Malmsbury Fire Brigade which were “responded” to reports of smoke issuing from the recently closed Turners Hardware store. Great photos, too!

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