Station Spotlight: Newman Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Newman VFRS
Newman VFRS
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Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us, could you tell us a bit about your station? 

Newman VFRS Appliances

Hello, we are Newman Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service and we are located in Newman, Western Australia with a small population of 7000 people.

What are your current staffing arrangements?
We currently have 25 volunteers on our books, they are all on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year

What about appliances, what do you run at Newman?
We have our Country Pump (CP12) , Light Tanker (LT458) and Urban Tanker (UT47)

Callouts a year?
We roughly get over 100 call outs every year.

Primarily, what kind of incidents do you typically attend?
We mainly attend bushfires, but as a VFRS are are responsible for any incident in town and road crash Rescue on the highway as the closest Fire and Rescue station is 250kms away (Tom Price).

Newman VFRS

Newman VFRS

Does your station hold any specialised qualifications? (Rescue, HAZMAT, Water Rescue, etc.) 
We are trained in RCR (Road Crash Rescue), Structure fire (internal and external), Bushfire, HAZMAT, Breathing Apparatus (BA) and a range of other skills.

Do your appliances carry any specialised equipment?
Our appliances carry all the same gear as any other Fire and Rescue appliance, but we probably carry a lot more bottled water as the temperature is pretty high all year round!

How often do you train? Do you have any qualifications that require constant training and recertification?
We train every Wednesday evening at 7pm at the station, we try and refine our skills in BA and RCR on a regular basis.

Thanks again for talking with us. If someone is interested in joining, what’s the best way to get in touch with you?
If you’re interested in joining you can come down any Wednesday night of the year or contact us via our Facebook page (Newman VFRS) where all our contact information is on the page.

Great to catch up – stay safe (and hydrated! :D)

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