Situated just to the south of Wagga Wagga in NSW, 472 station Turvey Park is a busy station with a lot of responsibility. With a mixed station of an SO and 3 full time firefighters on the 24 hour roster and 18 retained on call firefighters, they manĀ 3 appliances.

An Aerial Pumper (AP472), a Mercedes Benz class 2 (P472) and a CAFS Water Tanker (T472). The station is also classed as a secondary rescue station, along with being trained in using the new HyTrans bulk water system. They respond to around 1100 calls per year. Make sure to check out the great video at the end of the post.

Part of our capabilities with the Aerial Pumper is rope rescue. This involves using the boom to lower a firefighter and equipment to a patient and then retrieve them. We utilized our cordage equipment and set up a basic technique and then worked on how we could extend our equipment for different scenarios. Some scenarios we would use a stokes litter and others involve a fire fighter harnessed up and rescuing a patient with a chest harness.
Obviously there are many safety aspects that need to be considered and our training revolves around safest practice for every job.

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