Site Feature: Holy notifications, Batman!

Holy Notifications Batman!
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Website Notifications

Website Notifications

If you’re the type of person who likes to stay up to date with Australian firefighting articles, then our new notifications feature is for you!

It currently works on any android based device, a PC  or a Mac using Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers – and the good news is it only takes 1 click to come onboard.

If you’re running a device that is compatible, you will see a red bell icon in the bottom right of your screen – click it – grant the permission and you’re done. That’s it! You can opt out at any time by repeating the process.

No information is collected about who you are or your personal details, we can’t see who has subscribed, only that you’re awesome and you want to read our content. So if you can see the bell, subscribe now! It’s the same technology that websites like Facebook and Youtube use when you subscribe to their content.

Here’s a full list of compatible devices in case you were wondering. Thanks for supporting the site and stay safe!

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