Russell Crowe to donate $200K to RFS brigades

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In a post on social media today, Russell Crowe announced he is going to donate $200K to several RFS brigades around his property on the Mid North Coast in NSW. Fires ripped through the area where Rusty has land and the photo below shows just how close it came!

“Today I’ll be donating $5k AUD to each of the @NSWRFS brigades on this list. @mcannonbrookes will be doing the same. A total of $200k ($136k USD).

I want to thank the volunteers all over the state and all over the country that work tirelessly to keep our communities safe”.

The list of the station’s that he has mentioned are:

  • Coffs HQ
  • Nana Glen
  • Karangi
  • Woolgoolga
  • Urunga
  • Coramba
  • Moonee
  • Repton
  • Orara
  • Solitary
  • Bostobrick
  • Corindi
  • Sandy Beach
  • MNC Support

The money comes from an auction of his sweaty old ‘Souths’ hat, pictured below, which went for $68,000USD. The winner? Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, who has also pledged to donate money to the brigades. In fact, it started a landslide of donations from US executives and so far has generated nearly half a million dollars in 24 hours.

The picture he tweeted actually listed appliances, not stations, so those stations who have two appliances might get double the donation!

It seems he’s been home and got to work as well – clearing trails and sweating his arse off, by the looks of it. From the photos he’s shared on twitter, it does look like the fire gave it a decent run to his house.

You can see it on Twitter, here.

Well, good on him for throwing some cash to the local firies who have been slogging it out for weeks now. If you haven’t seen the video footage in the ‘we owe you some milk’ post, have a look. It shows just what fire conditions were like in that area.

You don’t owe a thing, fellas.

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