Firefighter cutting and entry drill

Kingston Fire Brigade Drill
Kingston Fire Brigade Drill
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Always follow your service or department’s standard operating guidelines or procedures.
Firefighter safety is paramount – if a drill from another state or service is in violation of your own SOP/SOG’s, it can be undertaken at your own risk. Flashover, or the service where the drill came from, is not responsible for any damages or injuries that happen as a result of undertaking this drill.

Equipment required

Here’s what you’re going to need to undertake this drill. If you don’t have these things available, you may be able to substitute.

  • An area where loud noises aren’t a problem
  • A timber frame construction, or similar, to hang old roller doors
  • Appropriate cutting tools, these will vary based on what your station has access to.

Safety considerations for firefighters

Firefighter safety is paramount. Do not conduct the drill if you don’t have appropriate PPC.

  • You’re going to be cutting, so appropriate PPE is required. 
  • Safety glasses used in conjunction with helmet visor
  • Full firefighting PPC
  • Hearing protection
  • Helmet 

How to undertake the drill

Before we left station we briefed the crews on the structure of the night including instructors and safety officers. We assigned safety officer per group of five firefighters. We handed out safety instructions for the tools being used which all operators of the evening were to read and once on site ask any questions before starting the evening. Some of these tools were not standard issue for us and were kindly loaned to us by Clennett’s Mitre 10. (The reason behind this was to get firefighters familiar with using different types of power tools).

Once that was all in place we divided into two groups with different tools and did some horizontal cuts through roofing iron on a pallet using the grinders in one group and metal cutting saw in the other to get operators comfortable using the gear. 

Kingston Fire Brigade Drill
Kingston Fire Brigade assembling for the drill as a safety briefing is delivered.

Once everyone had cycled through we then conducted a demo  of a door entry using the 9 inch on a roller door. Once this was completed we split again into two groups cycling through all the tools cutting openings.

We ran this session as informally as we possibly could where firefighters didn’t feel like they were getting tested on their skills more so as an information and practical skills acquisition night which we achieved.

Lessons Learned

Our drill was designed to enable our Firefighters who work in a job where they don’t get any exposure to power tools, to gain experience and confidence using a small cache of tools which we hope to acquire soon through the feedback received on the night. 

More Drills

Have you got a drill you’d like to share?

If you have a drill or exercise you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve got a form you can fill out and attach photos, get in touch with us!

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