Here are two videos shot from a responding pumper in London heading towards the tragic Grenfell Towers fire. At first when they are a bit of a distance away, the mood isn’t a sombre but in the second video as they approach their tone changes and the enormity of the situation becomes more apparent.

You can hear the crew talking amongst each other “How the f**k are we going to get in there… there’s kids in there!* and “how the f**k does that happen?!*


They asks each other “is this a real building or one being built?” and they it becomes apparent, it’s real. “That’s a real block… oh sh*t”. 

Posted by Gwynfor Hood on Friday, 16 June 2017


Posted by Gwynfor Hood on Friday, 16 June 2017


After all that has happened, this was found at the fireground the next day.

Despite being up against rapidly escalating and dynamic fire conditions, the rescue of hundreds of people through very limited entry and egress and a fire that was literally out of reach – they still apologise for their efforts “not being enough”.

Rest assured my brothers and sisters, it was enough. It is very evident you gave it your all. As the world looked on in horror as flames rolled out the windows of an entire building – we also watched with a huge sense of admiration and pride knowing that you were kitted up and on your way up those stairs knowing full well that you might not come back down again.

The moment you arrived, looked up and *still* stepped through those front doors – it was enough. Hold your heads high and look after each another.


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