Rescue and pumping drill with FRNSW 376

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Fire and Rescue NSW station 376 Merewether recently conducted a great station based rescue drill – where “bob” their friendly rescue dummy had been trapped and compressed by steel beams. Utilising their hydraulic “Combi” tool, hand operated hydraulic pump, timber blocks and hoses for packing and stabilising – the crews were able to safely raise the beams and remove bob from his predicament.

An interesting point to note, they used a stack of papers sitting on top of the beams to give visual indications of the angle of the beam as they were raising it and to challenge the crew to not letting it fall.

We’ve also thrown in some great photos of a pumping and monitor drill they undertook.

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Posted by Fire and Rescue NSW Station 376 Merewether on Sunday, 12 February 2017

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