Quick Look: The Australian Firefighters Knife

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The good people over at Australian Firefighters Knife felt confident enough that we wouldn’t cut off an appendage and sent us one of their brand new Australian designed firefighters knives to have a play with. We managed to keep all our fingers and boy did we have some fun! Check out our Quick Look at the Australian Firefighters Knife below.

Full disclosure – this isn’t a paid review but the guys at AFK sent us a knife to test out and we got to keep it, so the possibility of accidentally slicing off something of mine remains high. That being said, here’s what we found when we put it through a day of cutting and smashing.

The knife only has a few features by design, single-handed operation being at the forefront of the list. It’s designed to be used with or without gloves on and we managed to be able to take the knife out of its pouch (which came free with the knife!) wearing no gloves, GP gloves and structural gloves. The blade has a lock-back mechanism, so once it’s extended it won’t fold back onto your hand – that’s a plus!

The knife also features a hook cutter (often mistaken for a seatbelt cutter) and a glass breaker. Both of which we put to the test with surprising results, check out the video to see what happened.

One thing to note, you can custom order a nameplate for the knife, ours came with a fancy Flashover tag! It’s a great feature that makes it something you actually want to pull out and use.

We expected very little from the glass breaker, most of the ones we’ve used in the past that were coupled with another tool either required a disproportionate amount of force to get anywhere or they were just straight up made out of cheese and wouldn’t work at all. The one on the AFK popped every window we used it on and at one point, we were tapping on the glass no harder than throwing a dart and it worked.

We had fun with this knife! It’s very sharp, felt nice in the hand and the glass breaker was surprisingly efficient. It’s not going to replace a multitool or shears, but if you’re after a sub $100 knife that comes with a free pouch *and* your name engraved on it – the Australian Firefighters Knife might just be a good fit for you!

What we liked about this knife

  • The blade was very sharp!
  • Felt heavy and strong – didn’t feel cheap at all.
  • Glass breaker smashed everything it touched.
  • Came with a free belt pouch.

If you’d like to buy yourself one of these knives, head on over to the AFK website and get the ball rolling!

Bonus Video – trying to cut a seat belt with the hook cutter! A common misconception with hook cutters is that they are designed for cutting seatbelts. Sure, you might be able to do it at the right angle, with the right cutter, with just the right amount (lots) of tension on the belt – but it’s not what they are designed for. Have a look at the video below to see what we mean.

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