QLD Rural Fire Service Prototype – Heavy CAFS Tanker

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With CAFS capabilities, a fireproof deployable awning and the ability to run air-powered tools, this heavy CAFS tanker is certainly impressive!

Take a walk around the prototype Heavy CAFS Tanker from the Rural Fire Service, part of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. Unveiled in 2018, the appliance is an Isuzu FTS139-240 Medium wheelbase 4×4 Crew Cab with CAFS capabilities and a bunch of great features.

Some of the interesting features on this appliance include the ability to run the CAFS compressor in “air only” mode, allowing air tools to be run using the outlets on both sides of the appliance. This means it comes standard with additional air lines to operate handheld air tools or inflation devices.

The appliance holds 3000L of water and comes stowed with a range of hose lines, tilting stowage shelves and even a fridge!

  • 3x 30m lengths of 64mm
  • 2x 10m lengths of 64mm
  • 2x 30m lengths of 38mm
  • 1x 3m handline
  • 1x 7m handline
  • Variable branches and spanners

It even has a deployable self-supporting awning made from fireproof material and capable of withstanding 60kmh winds!

Thanks to Aaron Coghill for the photos.

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