Elide Fireball – The exploding fire extinguishing ball

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We’d love to hear your feelings about these things. The Elide Fireball is a self detonating fire extinguishing device with a range of 4 metres, with 360 degree coverage.

It activates after 3-10 seconds of coming into contact with fire and can be deployed by anyone.

Here is footage of QFES testing the fireball. (They clearly didn’t test the background music, tho…)

The ball can be placed in a holding mount anywhere fire is likely to occur, or it can be manually thrown or rolled into a fire for detonation. The chemical used inside them is non toxic and not harmful to humans. There’s even a video floating around of a guy detonating one in his hand.

Will these devices be more popular in the future? Will we see them in people’s cars – or even fire appliances for rapid fire attack?

More information can be [found here].

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