Photos & Video: Woodend CFA station in huge annual waterfight!

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Now, this is how you do community engagement – 2x tankers VS hundreds of people with water balloons! Woodend CFA station have been involved in this event for nearly 30 years and it looks amazing.

They get all their OH&S checks and concerns taken care of ahead of time, then back two tankers into a central location where hundreds of people are waiting with water balloons.

Crews are under strict instructions on what can and can’t be used in terms of hoses, water pressure and spray patterns and without completely depleting their water supplies – it’s game on!

“It lasts about 10-15 minutes at low water pressure. When it’s finished we turn off the hoses and throw all remaining lollies to the crowd. The numbers build every year. The community would be up-in-arms if we ever decided (or were forced) not to do it!”

Unreal! That’s how community spirit is done. Great job. Thanks to Woodend CFA for the photos and video!

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