Photos & Video: Ripping fire conditions for Gelorup VFB

Gelorup VFB WA 2017
Gelorup VFB WA 2017
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Here is some great fireground video coming from Gelorup VFB over in Western Australia. Safe to say, that looks like it was rather warm. We spoke to them about the clip, here’s what they had to say.

This fire was a re-ignition of one from 2 days prior and was steadily heading towards the highway until the wind changed and it put itself out. The other video on our page of the water bomber was from the Friday. The fire was attended by appliances from the 5 Shire of Capel brigades and had assistance from 2 water bombers based out of Bunbury airport and a loader from the local mining company whose land the fire was on.

The brigades in the Shire are Capel, Elgin, Stirling, Boyanup & Gelorup. DFES staff lent a hand on the first day with incident control.

There’s also a clip of one of the aircraft at work, which is a great example of just how effective a well place run can be. Stay safe out there!

Sky Angels in Action!

This video is a great demonstration of how effective the water bombers can be in slowing down the advance of a fire front and protecting assets. Whilst they might not completely extinguish a running fire, they can put a serious dent in it's advance! Nice work Scott getting this shot (not an easy feat as they appear out of nowhere when you're busy)!

Posted by Gelorup Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade on Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Fire south of Capel 03/12/2017

This is what we were dealing with on Sunday south of Capel. Thankfully the wind change was favorable so it was short lived, but we have a hot, long summer ahead of us!

Posted by Gelorup Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade on Thursday, 7 December 2017


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