Photos & Video: New LED lighting and road flares for Pirongia VFB

Pirongia RFB Lighting
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Getting new gear can sometimes be a battle, particularly for volunteer stations – but the local community has pitched in by supporting Pirongia RFB’s local raffle’s, sale days and fundraisers. This has allowed them to raise the funds to purchase a whole range of scene lighting options and they are pretty bloody nifty!

We are more than pleased with our Streamlight scene lighting. As you can see from the photos, they certainly light up any fire ground or accident scene. Will make the night callouts safer…

Look at the before and after photos above – they sure do make a difference.

The case doubles as the charging unit for all six. Also each flare has a magnet so they can be attached to anything steel e.g hinges on the accident sign!

Bonus sweet breakdancing video!

So happy to get our new scene lighting, it just had to happen….. Who would have thought…..

Posted by Pirongia Rural Fire on Monday, 14 August 2017

Stay safe!