Photos & Video: FRNSW, ACTFR use ARFF tender at scrapyard fire

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FRNSW 428 Queanbeyan were responded to the Beard industrial estate in the ACT to a reports of a building fire. On arrival they found a large metal recycling yard on fire, with a number of explosions emanating from within.

“There was issues with water supply due to the location, and we just happened to have a Canberra ARFF Station Officer as part of the FRNSW crew at the job. After a while of attacking the fire with a CAFS tanker from ACTFR, the incident commander approached Canberra ARFF to get one of the crash tenders there for their foam capability.”

FRNSW, ACTFR and ARFF battle scrapyard fire

Firefighters from multiple agencies were called to a scrap metal yard and utilised an ARFF Panther to attack the fire.

Posted by Flashover – Australian Firefighting on Monday, 5 November 2018

“So the Panthers (we had two rotate through, one at a time to keep Canberra Airport at ICAO category) worked well, they made big dents in the fire with the use of the large amounts of foam.”

In attendance :
ACTFR: Pumpers 1, 2, 7 and 5. Two CAFS tankers, the BA Van, Heavy Hazmat, Rehab pod, several superintendents and Chief Officer Mark Brown.
FRNSW: Queanbeyan had Pumper and Tanker 428 along with Canberra. ARFF rotated two Panthers throughout the job.

Thanks to 428 Queanbeyan for the photos and video!

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