Photos & Video: DC-10 drops directly over house in California

Damage by Drop - Jenny Crane
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If you’ve ever wondered what kind of force is behind the retardant drop out of a DC-10,  here’s your answer. We spoke with Jenny Crane from California whose father captured this video of the drop hitting their house and the aftermath that followed.

Jenny’s Father was a firefighter for 35 years and stayed home to defend his house when this all took place.

These two photos from Joe Fanaselle show the tight target area which the bomber was working in. You can check out more of his photos here. He’s got some great aviation shots as well as a whole set from that fire!

Damage by Drop – Joe Fanaselle

Damage by Drop – Joe Fanaselle


These photos were kindly given to us from Jenny Crane a Wellness Entrepreneur who runs Team Fearless out of California. You can check out her page, here.

We also spoke with Joe Fanaselle, who was out capturing shots from that fire and he had some really great images of crews and air assets at work. We couldn’t not share them, see for yourself!

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