Photos & Video: Over 120 cars alight in Wingfield, Adelaide

Wingfield Fire - Lyle Pepper
Wingfield Fire - Lyle Pepper
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Just before 0900 hours on the 2nd March, SA Emergency Services were received multiple calls to triple reporting thick plumes of smoke rising to the sky, loud bangs, explosions and flames sighted along South Terrace in Wingfield. Within minutes, 14 Metropolitan Fire Service Appliances, 1 Country Fire Service appliance, and 70 firefighters were responding to the scene. Upon arrival, crews found more than 120 crushed cars burning intensively in a large pile of an industrial scrap metal in a recycling complex. MFS Commander Phillip Crosley said “The fire was very intense; it was very much a defensive fire fight from the start.”

MFS incident controller Alan Fisk stated that it is suspected that the fire was started by an excavator which was picking up cars, and caused an initial explosion. This initial explosion spread to the other vehicles surrounding it, largely due to the fact that some of the cars still had LPG, or fuel left in their tanks. Commander Fisk stated, “The excavator driver, who was picking up cars at the time of the initial explosion which caused the fire, has got superficial burns, according to the ambulance officers,” the injured excavator driver was later taken to hospital for further treatment.

Around 1218 hours, the fire was reported as contained, and the SA MFS advised locals and the media that crews were monitoring the fire and checking for hot spots. Commanded Crosley stated “All the infrastructure of the building, including the office, and equipment has been saved, so I think it has been quite a good outcome for MFS.”

The SA MFS sent out an Emergency Advice message, advising nearby residents to close all doors and windows until the smoke has passed.

Car Wrecking Yard, Wingfield Adelaide.

Video by Lyle Pepper

Posted by Flashover – Australian Firefighting on Thursday, 2 March 2017

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