Photos: Unruly possum trashes caravan – requires fire brigade

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A grandmother, mother and baby were suddenly awoken to loud noises in their caravan and called for help. Shoalhaven Heads brigade in the NSW RFS were responded at 3am to an “assist public” call. When they asked comms for more info they got “from the informant, reports that there is a possum trapped in their caravan, going crazy and destroying everything…. uh, over”

The unwanted house guest

The unwanted house guest

“.. even the comms Operator had a chuckle when they passed us the details – ‘possum in a caravan trashing it'”.

The owners were awoken to the the noise of their unwanted house guest who had entered the caravan through the exhaust flue, then dropped down into the kitchen and found himself a loaf of bread and packet of biscuits!

“The brigade responded in the Pumper and arrived a short time later at the entrance of the caravan park to be met by the owner who also was chuckling and embarrassed. After being directed to the van we located the possum sitting on the stove top devouring a loaf of bread, we then assessed our situation and decided to try and put the possum in a bag, the newest member drawing the short straw. A quick swipe of a net and the possum was caught. It was then carried outside and released on a nearby tree unharmed. The owners were very thankful.”

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